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Brazilian study on the relationship between legal departments and law firms

Alessandra Machado Gonçalves & Marco Antonio P. Gonçalves

The complete market research study report (32 pages), commissioned by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell and released on April, 2010, is available for download in PDF format:

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The relationship between legal departments and law firms is a highly relevant subject that is regularly discussed in several markets, especially those in North America and Europe, at events and in news reports, articles and studies. In Brazil, the topic is also discussed, however, it has long required a dedicated study to describe the reality from the point of view of the companies that operate in the country.

We have always wondered when a study about such a relevant and contemporary subject would be carried out in Brazil and, by abandoning a passive wait for responses that never came, we decided to turn this idea into a reality, in collaboration with partners that believe in it. Therefore, it was with great satisfaction that, in August 2009, we initiated the journey that led us to the current study − the frst of its kind ever produced in Brazil regarding the current stage of relationships between legal departments and law firms.

This study was made possible thanks to a partnership with LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell®, one of the most comprehensive and well-known sources of information about lawyers and law frms, in addition to being responsible for many similar studies carried out in other jurisdictions.Sharing in the pioneering of this study, we also had the indispensable support of the Brazilian Corporate Counsel Association (FDJUR), the first Brazilian association to bring together professionals from the legal departments of national and multinational companies.

Above all, the current study is the result of the voluntary participation of Brazilian representatives of the legal departments of over one hundred national and international companies, to whom we are immensely grateful.

We consider this pioneering study to be invaluable to the companies and their legal departments, and this will certainly allow us to advance and deepen the debates on this topic in the country. Law firms will also beneft, as they will have access to valuable information for the development of better relationships with their clients.

Alessandra Machado Gonçalves
Executive Partner, Gonçalves & Gonçalves Marketing Jurídico

Marco Antonio P. Gonçalves
Business administrator specializing in marketing strategies for law firms



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