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Some basic tips for a lawyer's web site

Marco Antonio P. Gonçalves

A web site for a solo practitioner must have basic content, such as: presentation, lawyer profile and contact information. Besides that, there are a lot of other content and characteristics that can improve the overall result of the web site for clients and potential clients.

The following is a list of additional content that must be made available to enhance the web site:

  • Practices and industries – Besides listing practices, it is important to list the industries for the main clients. Clients do not think in terms of practice, but in terms of their own business and the industry they belong to.

  • News – It might be interesting to select relevant news articles from different sources that might be of interest to visitors.

  • Newsletter – It is important to have a periodical newsletter to keep in touch with clients, which can also be available to non-clients through the web site.

  • Media presence - Every piece of information featured in the media helps to add credibility to the lawyer. This also applies to articles written but not published in the media. Every useful content available must be included in the web site.

  • Blog – One way to have a strong presence on the Web is to maintain a blog. It can be integrated into the main web site or be completely independent. It is very easy to update and is one of the best ways to add credibility to the lawyer and even gather new clients. Blogger, at, is a free blog service and a good start to learn the practical side of blogs.

In order to make the content more attractive and easily consumed by visitors, there are some characteristics that must be noted in order to have a more functional web site:

  • Usability – Congregates good practices related to web site design. The next two topics explain some of the main ideas behind it. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen maintains a weekly and free newsletter on the subject. It is available at, together with all editions released since 1995.

  • Consistent layout – The overall web site must have a consistent layout and be easily understood and navigated by its visitors.

  • Navegability – Besides a consistent layout, a web site must have a clear navigational structure which can be easily learned by visitors. Since not every visitor is equal, it is important to have not only the navigational menu available but also a search option and a site map, in order to offer different ways of navigating the web site.

  • Constant updates – The only way to keep the web site fresh to attract new and previous visitors.

  • Google – Probably the main way to be visible to the world is to be available on Google. This will happen eventually but, in order to make things quicker, the web site can be submitted at

One last piece of advice is to have a report on all the visits received by the web site. There are lots of free and commercial applications. One which is very good, and free, is the Google Analytics, available at

More can be done besides the above but the idea behind this short article is to list some of the more common, and more relevant, tips to achieve a better presence on the Web.

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